By virtue of our certified production processes, ZEC S.p.A.'s range of thermoplastic tubes offers technical advantages worth highlighting:

- reduced weight and size thanks to the use of raw materials of improved toughness and low specific weight;
- excellent resistance to fatigue stress, alternating flexing and vibrations;
- highly specular internal surfaces (higher flow rate with the same diameter);
- long-term durability and very strong anti-ageing qualities.

Moreover, our hoses are in compliance with the RoHS 2 directive (2011/65/EU), the REACH regulation (2006/1907/EC) and the 2018/851/EU directive (SCIP database). Relative documentation available in the Reserved Area.

"Our range includes more than 1.500 products for low, medium, high and very high pressures"

Production of hoses/tubes for low pressure application, made of:
- Rilsan® PA11
- PA12 Polyamide
- HTR Polyester
- 6 and 6.6 Polyamide
- Polyurethane and Polyethylene 

Production of hoses for medium, high and very high pressure application with the aforesaid raw materials in combination with single or double braids in polyester textile, Aramid fiber, high tensile steel, stainless steel or mixed steels, according to the use requirements in the various fields of application in the hydraulics/fluid power, pneumatics, lubrication, solvents, paints and gas industries, etc.c.

Thermoplastic Hoses - thermoplastikschläuche - tuyaux à pression - tubos termoplásticos