“For us quality is a plus that makes us stand out from competitors. And so, the standard”

One of ZEC S.p.A.'s major features is its constant attention in satisfying ever-higher quality standards, both through the adoption of modern production technologies and through the careful selection of raw materials suppliers who are internationally renowned leading companies, selected among the best in the world.

Nevertheless, all the raw materials entering our production departments are still inspected and tested by means of sophisticated and advanced control methods, complying with strict company quality system procedures, certified in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001.

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The same monitoring process also affects the production cycles in the various departments, where technical managers are in charge of verifying the correctness of the technical specifications for every single batch.

Quality checks are carried out through:

- general chemical-physical analyses

– monitoring of production stages and machine efficiency

– laboratory testing of samples

- inspections, leak tests both at working pressures and up to the critical conditions relating to applications




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