ZEC solutions for the high pressure conduction of CNG

ZEC CNG thermoplastic hoses series has been created for the high pressure conduction of CNG. In nature this substance is commonly found at fossil state, together with petroleum, coal or in natural gas fields. Its main component is methane, in addition to this it also contains hydrocarbons such as ethane and propane and small amounts of other gases such as nitrogen, helium, carbon dioxide, sulfur and water vapor.

Features and benefits of Natural Gas compared to other fuels:

CNG hoses are used in industrial and automotive applications, as:

I tubi CNG sono utilizzati in applicazioni industriali e automotive, tra cui:
• Natural gas extraction and compression plants
• CNG systems onboard vehicles
• CNG fuel transfer up to the pump
• Industrial and domestic CNG handling


ZEC hoses and fittings have been tested and approved by TÜV SÜD according to the following standards:
- ANSI / CSA NGV 4.2-2014 (class A and class D)
- ANSI / CSA NGV 3.1:2020 (class B)

ZEC CNG hoses are also certified according to:
NAG 415/416/417
NAG E409:2005, certificate issued by IRAM

• Flexibility
• Abrasion resistant outer cover
• Availability of all connections required by the market
• Marking customization
• Availability of multiple hoses


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