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With a donation, ZEC supports the "Casa della Salute" of Colorno-Torrile

Gift's value is always important but, in this drammatic period for our territory and its health system, a gift has an even greater value, where every effort even of the single individual can help concretely and practically.

This is the reason that pushed ZEC S.p.a., represented by the Zantelli family, to make a gesture of solidarity and affection for the whole local community, through a donation to the "Casa della Salute" of Colorno-Torrile.

Donation has been used to purchase new medical equipments. In particular a high resolution portable ultrasound system, an electrocardiograph, personal protective equipments,  thermoscans and pulse oximeters.

"In this period of emergency, our thoughts were aimed particularly at those who needed home care. Our company has been present in the area for many years and we have received so much from this community. A return was a must - Dino Zantelli, General Manager of ZEC S.p.a."



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